Monday, March 11, 2013

Mechanix Wear MG-72-010 gloves

I picked up a pair of these a few weeks ago for a home renovation project and thought I'd give them a test at the shooting range before completely destryoing them w/ paint stains and construction grime

My first observation was that the palm was more smooth than I'd typically want in a glove. I tend to prefer a more tacky surface, yet these gloves worked better than I initially anticipated. They allowed enough dexterity to perform several tasks, such as reloads, etc. without problems. I'd say they need a couple of hours of use to get really broken in and mold to your hands, but then what item doesn't? For the price ( $15.99 ), it's worth picking up a few pairs. I'm so fond of these in fact, I keep one pair w/ my roadside kit in my suv and another in my range bag. 

To read more about this item, go to Enjoy!

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